Saturday 24 March 2012

Update: I am still alive...

In case anyone was wondering, I am still breathing. 12 days without a post is quite a while and I hope not to leave it so long again but pressing matters (read: Civil Service Assessment day and two summative assignments) conspired to press miniatures into the corner of my mind. Saying that, I did manage to get a few 15mms finished off and base most of my expanding force (pictures will follow soonish). Although I have serially forgotten to send  the mdf bases I have off to to get holes cut so I can use them as sabot bases. 

The 15mm project is starting to come together now. I'm still mucking about with rulesets (I've  had a look at Strike Legion and Future War Commander but am so far undecided) but hopefully will be able to start getting some test games in in the next few months ahead. I've also just made a biggish order to Old Crow; some vehicles for a opposing force force to take on my fledgling Autosentia. Namewise I haven't given it much thought yet but these certainly arn't meant to be your archetypal 'good guys'. I'm thinking along the lines of the peacekeepers from Farscape, overall, they're 'good' but their means and motivations are unpalatable. Essentially, they're defending the galaxy from mass genocide by a machine race (the Autosentia) who believe organic beings are a virus, an inferior life-form which must be eliminated. However, I'm thinking that their means of achieving this aim will be somewhat callous and self-serving. 

Below are some of the infantry and vehicles I plan to include in the force, those from the UK  have already been ordered for the most part. 

(CMG) For the grunts. These will mounted up in the Goanna Scouts and Claymore's from Old Crow. CMG also make a large selection of support weapons including grenade launchers, missile launchers, laser cannons and snipers. Excellent.
I considered using Khurasan federal infantry but on close examination the CMG sculpts look much cleaner and have much more serviceable looking weapons. 
(CMG) For the elite droptroopers, these will be lifted  into battle by the Armoured Dropships from Old Crow.
Power Armoured Infantry from Khurasan.  The best looking 15mm PA around imo (altho Blue Moon's comes close). 
(CMG). Gravbikes for recon/fast attack. (Budget permitting...)
Medium tanks from Old Crow
Heavy Armour from Khurasan
These Goanna scout cars from Old Crow will have the weapons sprue from Rebel minis added to give them some punch. Think future Hummers for the grunts. 
A heavy APC for either grunts or power armour. Not sure whether to include these or save them for another army. 
This Armoured Dropship from Cold Crow is meant for 6mm but measures in at 135mm long, making it perfect as a heavy dropship for 15mm. I've ordered two of these to carry a full platoon of up-armoured drop-troopers or power armour. 

I've also ordered these turret pieces from Old Crow to add some firepower to the dropships. 

I'm toying with using these 'Alien AFVs' as space fighters on CAS missions. 

I'm still debating what kind of colour-scheme to use on these. My Autosentia are a sandy beige colour and are mounted on rocky arid bases. These guys need to have the same basing so they'll probably end up green with desert camo although I'm sorely tempted to do them in orange/red and dark grey for no other reason than it would look awesome (if completely lacking in sense) and I like painting those colours.  

Well there's a window into my current plans. Hopefully I'll be able to persuade someone at the Warlord's to actually give me a game!


  1. Ah, the old 'buying a second force for an opponent to use' justification... Does this mean I might get a game of FWC one day? ;-)

    Really like those recon troopers minis. Can't see much difference with the heavy ones, bar the paint job. The armour you picked out is nice too, those heavy tanks look a lot like Merkavas.

    Good luck with the assignments and assessment day.



  2. I had you in mind for an opponent :P altho It'll be a while, plenty to paint.

    The heavy troopers basically have full carapace armour rather than partial, are a bit chunkier and are armed with SMGs. They look a lot like masterchief from HALO. I think cos of all the white in the photos it kind of makes the details hard to see.

    Yeah I though the heavy tank looked a lot like a merkava too, one of the reasons I just have to include one.

    Thanks, I'll need it.


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