Monday 21 May 2012

15mm Dropship Comparison Photos

Due to requests here are some photos of the dropship conversion from yesterday's post with a variety of 15mm figures and vehicles. I don't think its as big as some of your thought it was but its plenty dropship for me.
An idea of how many men might fit inside, use your imagination!
And now with some vehicles from CMG, Old Crow and GZG.
 Looks like it'd fit to me. If not, sling it underneath in a gravity harness or whatnot. Its Sci-fi.
One of the military vehicles/aircraft I like the most is the Chinook, I'm not sure why precisly, I think its just how damn useful it is. Essentially what I'm going for here in feel is an up-gunned sci-fi Chinook, albeit one which can make orbit. The pictures pretty much sum up how I see its role:
Ok, well, maybe not lifting planes, but certainly ground vehicles. 

I reckon the inside would probably look like a higher-tech version of this, probably a bit smaller. As I think you can see from the photos were I stuck guys on top, you could probably fit about 15-20 guys in there in full combat gear once you account for the fact that people sitting down with weapons stowed take up less room. Could probably fit a reasonable number of PA troopers in there as well or a jeep or gun. 


  1. Very nice! Thank you for posting...

  2. Really useful, never once considered buying that until I saw this.

  3. Who makes the light-grey coloured infantry in the photo?

    1. here are two types.

      a) Critical Mass Games' 'Blockhead Battlesuits' (from their Mercenaries Range). These are the larger, blockier figures with the two handed guns.

      b).The smaller figures with the rounded heads. These are from GZG's 6mm scif fi range - they are actually mechs. I saw them in the give away bin at Salute and bought a few packs after seeing them. Not sure what their exact product name is.

    2. Thanks Samulus. I am going to try and track those down.

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