Monday 28 April 2014

Back in the saddle at last... and pulp is on the menu.

Well... its been a while. Happy to say that the hobby has carried on but did take a big hit when I changed role at work. However, I've since moved to a new role where I get some of my spare time back -  so some time to think about blogging again!

This has really been aided by the foldio, a very portable and cost effective mini-studio that was launched via kickstarter, which arrived a few weeks ago. Taking decent (although not amazing photos) is now a lot lot simpler and has encouraged me to get blogging again. 

So, I give you my first post in a while. Our good friend Dr Jones. 

The original figure is from Artizan. It looks quite like Indy but to get the whole look I added the whip (drilled out the hand, coiled some fishing wire and fixed with superglue), the satchel (greenstuff -  and one of my better sculpts, I think I'm getting better) and holster (on the leg that you can't see in this photo). These bits just complete the look for me and make it into our favourite rugged archaeologist as opposed to a 'similar guy'.

A slightly blurry 'warts and all' close-up. The face on the cast/sculpt is not the best. I've been spoilt by the copplestones I've been painting recently - they just paint themselves. This was a much trickier proposition and I'm still not all that happy. I was thinking about adding some 5 o'clock shadow but just don't want to tamper with it anymore frankly.

As you can see, I'm a fan of the clear acrylic bases. They have two killer pros for me - a) they go with any terrain (which is a must for pulp globetrotting) and b) they require no work at all (I get to spend more time painting and less covering things in sand). Figs can break off quite easily but I really don't see this as a problem -  just pop them back on with some superglue! These ones are from Litko.

Those who've seen my painting in the past will also know that I've changed styles. I used to be an aficionado of the wash (slap it on allover, lovely jubbly) but have since moved on to much greener pastures. Now I only use them much more subtly - pin washes are the order of the day - and sparingly. The only thing washed on this figure was the skin (flesh wash on a elf skin base, then highlighted up 3-4 times with white progressively) and the gun (nuln oil). Everything else is layers (usually 4 - shadow, base, highlight, extreme highlight but sometimes more or less to taste).

I started experimenting with this method when repainting some wizkids star wars figs about 6 months ago (this was when I first broke out the clear bases as well) and liked the effect. Reading Keven Dallimore's great books (which my GF got me for my birthday -  I'm a lucky man) has cemented this and given me a few more tricks.

As you can see from this post, pulp is the order of the day. I've been painting 2 leagues (for pulp alley) with terrain. First adventure is Indy in Egypt. More to follow...

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