Wednesday 8 April 2015

BSG Centurions Indiegogo - Fornax

Don't use the blog for this often but think this is a cool project worth a bump -  check it out and think about pledging

Kiss Me Hardy Ship Cards (1:1200 Naval Napoleonics)

For some bizarre reason I enjoy making the data cards that naval and spaceship games tend to use. My latest offering is attached -  attractive (and more space efficient) ship cards for the Too Fat Lardies ruleset Kiss Me Hardy.

So far I have only done a card for a 3rd rate 74 but if you want to use them for other ships just do a bit of dragging, dropping, and pasting and find a picture of the ship you need on google. Its all editable with powerpoint and was done on google docs, so is accessible to everyone for free, although you may need to save your own version as I have disabled editing on my 'master copy'. If you're confused about what any of the images etc mean then post in the comments and I'll explain -  too lazy to make a full key.

I haven't finished rigging my Langton ships yet but I like how they're looking (and for the price they better look princely!)

Maybe I'll even post a picture? Haven't been much into my blogging since the pulp flurry a while back...

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