Thursday 4 June 2015

Excellent short on battle of waterloo (only 2 weeks to the bicentenary!)

Really enjoyed this and frankly can't believe it has so few views -  if you enjoy, please spread as then they may make some more!

I recently ordered the new Blucher rules by Sam Mustafa with the Hundred Days card pack, so look forward to coercing a friend to play a game with me on the weekend after the battle.

Also, although I haven't really posted anything of much late I have actually been doing a fair bit of painting. I now have 2 of the Langton 1:1200 ships complete, pushed along by inspirational reading from Patrick O'Brian (and beautiful models they are too); have made a dent in a few 28mm AWI for Muskets and Tomahawks or Black Powder (I have a great love of the uniforms of this war and am enjoying the excellent Rebellion scenario book recently published by Warlord) and am picking up the brush again on an experiment I started off about 6 months ago - 6mm napoleonics -  starting with, you guessed it, the Allied army at Waterloo.

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