Tuesday 7 February 2012

15mm FOW Scratchbuilt MG Bunker

I saw the great results the guy at 20mm and then some had with scratchbuilding bunkers so I thought I'd have a go at one in 15mm using roughly the same method. You can see the results below, I didn't quite get the wood to look as I would have liked; it turned out to close to the soil colour. Otherwise I was fairly happy with it.  I'll probably do a couple more in the future but these will be lower (I'll use cocktail sticks) and will have more earth covering the roof.

The construction was fairly simple; I built the basic hollow shape out of cut up bits of sprue glued onto a medium base; cut up barbecue skewers and glued then together to make the front and roof; used pieces of wire (I had no cocktail sticks) to make the reinforcing stakes; and covered the whole thing generously in polyfiller and sand before painting and adding sillflor tufts and static grass.


  1. Looks fantastic to me. I don't think there's anything wrong with the colour of the wood. I Keep making the mistake of painting my trees too brown - forgetting that most bark is more of a greyish colour.

    Your final result might not "pop" but it's certainly realistic.

  2. Indeed! While the wood certainly looks a bit muddy, isn't that how it should look? I think it's great.

    What is that white stuff you're using for mud/fine earth? It looks like it could be used for all kinds of stuff (snow comes to mind)!

  3. The white stuff is just a pollyfiller analogue - I think it was called 4Trade. I bought it from Travis and Perkins. I think if you used it for snow it'd need to be dirtied up or something.

  4. Very nice, however let the staircase go down the back of the bunker, instead of at a right angle, that way fire, blast and shrapnel will not go into the fighting room straight away;-) you will also save a slight amount of base


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