Monday 20 February 2012

Reinforcements have arrived! 15mm Sci-Fi

I've wanted to pick up some 15mm sci-fi ever since I started frequenting TMP and saw the awesome figs being released by khurasan miniatures, rebel minins, GZG, Micropanzer and Critical Mass Games. I gave into the bug a week or so ago, it was my birthday so a perfect opportunity to spend some dough and get a new (number 5 now) project on the go.

I decided to invent my own race/faction because well... Its more fun that way and decided that the first one would be a robotic force - everyone loves homicidal robots from the future, right? So I trawled through all the 15mm sci-fi ranges I knew, a process I always enjoy immensely as its almost creative, and came up with a ton of units I thought were both cool and compatible. I sent off an order to GZG and CMG for the first wave of minis and to for the stands (Basically cheaper FOW bases). Below is a collection of the miniatures I plan to get for the force, I think ultimately, when painted in one scheme, they should look pretty cohesive, not to mention awesome!
Standard Infantry
Power Armoured Infantry
Heavy sniper drone/light tank
Drone sqaudron
Command/observation/shield drones
Heavy spider drones/light tanks

VTOL Gunship

Light/medium Mechs
Heavy Mech
I've decided to base these up on group bases because a) 15mm are tiny, having them individually based seems kinda silly and fiddly to me, b) on group bases you can make cool dioramas and c) I want to play company sized battles or bigger which would be hard/time consuming on individual bases. I may need to come up with my own rules for this eventually as 15mm company scale sci-fi is a hole in the rules market covered only scantily by FWC, CMG and the upcoming TFL Tentacles.

I'm still settling on a name for the faction but I'm playing around with the CMG range's name, Praesentia, and might change it to something a little more machinesque like autosentia, mechasentia etc.

Pictures of the first painted miniatures on the way tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck with the 15mm. What sort of paints are you using and are you going for the FOW style bases? Gruntz includes rules for group basing, if you are interested drop me a note.


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