Monday 6 February 2012

15mm Flames of War German Panzergrenadiers + CO and 2iC

Here's the first half of the second panzergrenadier platoon I've painted in 15mm. Their rides are still waiting for airbrushing but I thought I'd crack on with these and have them ready. They haven't been sprayed with Matt varnish yet so they're still a little shiny. Also here is the CO and 2iC with panzerfausts. 

I still haven't gotten my act together and bought some new lamps so these were taken with the single, insipid light source I possess. I will take some more one day with better lighting, but for now they'll have to do. It' s a shame really as I don't think the lighting does the painting or basing justice. 

All figures are from Old Glory. 

Shame I blurred this photo of my CO - I really like the dynamic posing of this officer figure, its from the OG HMG set. 

Platoon leader on the right, 2iC on the left. 

An abysmal photo during basing. I use the usual polyfiller, sand and assorted pebbles/gravel. The tree is just an old dried twig.
Next up: either the second half of the platoon, or the nazi zombies I have half-painted. I'm still struggling to decide how to paint the skin on the latter to get them just how I want them. 

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