Monday 30 January 2012

1/100 WW2 French Buildings (FOW)

I'm currently waiting for new supplies to come in so I can finish off the stuff on the bench but until that happens here's a few pics of an old scenery project I did a few months ago for the fun of it. Personally I really enjoy doing buildings, easily as much as figures or ships or whatever. In this case all the buildings I knocked up were made simply from card and paper with paints, sand, flock etc. All the buildings are scaled to FOW bases; the shed fits one medium stand, the cottage two and the farmhouse loads. All of the roofs are removable. These were enjoyable to build (although really time consuming) so one day hopefully I'll get round to doing more.

I was very pleased with how the ivy - flock - turned out.  

The roof got a ton of washes; green, brown black and some strong tone dip, I left the shine as it looks like it's  rained recently. 

Really basic interior to allow troop placement. 

My attempt at a rusty corrugated iron roof. 

The inside of the farmhouse has removable floors which rest on corner supports (not pictured).
The trellis above will have vines wrapped around it when painted. Should give it an authentic French look. 

A breach in the rear wall, perfect for an AT gun. 

Tbh all of these need mounting on MDF bases as the cardboard is simply gonna warp given a little time, but it was all I had to hand. 


  1. Nice work, like the scratch-built farmhouse.

  2. These look great, I might have to try that with a vine.

  3. Nicce blog thanks for posting


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