Monday 13 February 2012

Finished BFG Chaos Cruiser and Frigate

Here's the chaos cruiser I assembled and magnetised in this post with a lick of paint. I also finished off the idolator I've had half-finished for a while. As ever I'm hopeless with a camera (and amazon still haven't delivered my damn lamp) so I've had to overexpose these a bit so you can see the details. However, this has washed out the red - in reality the red is much deeper and contains a brownish hue. 

The ships were undercoated black then drybrushed with a mix of chocolate brown and crimson red (3:1, 2:1, 1:1 1:3) progressively more lightly until they were given a final highlight of pure crimson red (none of this is really conveyed in the pictures... sigh). The ornamentation was picked out in brass (mixed with a little flat earth) and highlighted with pure brass. The silver details were painted boltgun metal and then highlighted with mithril silver. The bridge and engine exhausts were painted with regal blue mixed with white in increasing increments. 

I realised whilst painting that the bridge is on the wrong way round; it came this way from ebay. 

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