Sunday, 25 March 2012

15mm Sci-Fi: Autosentia on parade

Here are some pictures of my 15mm Autosentia collection so far. I'm quite happy with how the basing turned out for the most part. The larger infantry units are on 5p pieces whilst the battedroids are on 12mm washers. Eventually the infantry figures will have magnetised sabot bases (FOW dimensions) and this will let me use them in whatever squad configurations I want, as well as let me use them for skirmish games. 

Mk1 Spider Droids 'Sniperbots'

 MkII Spider Droids 'Tarantulas' (The colour set-up on these photos is all screwed up, sorry!)

 Combat Drones

Heavy Assault Droids 

Autosentia Battldroids

Elements of an Autosentia Century (family photo!)

I feel that even though these minis came from two different manufacturers, the shared colour-scheme, basing and 'white line' insignia really help tie them together into one cohesive force.

I still have another 2 of the 'Tarantulas' and around 30ish of the Battledroids to paint up, as well as some command drones to lead them. Eventually they will get some mechs and gunships but for the moment I'm a little sick of painting beige so can't wait for my Recon infantry to arrive from CMG! (check out this post for more details on the next faction I'll be working on)


  1. Great looking figures. Basing is excellent

  2. Very nice work and great pictures!

  3. They are looking great and you're right the done look like they are by different manufacturers. Really like your groundwork too, Mininatur tufts perhaps?


  4. I HAVE to learn to do realistic basing like this. I'm currently building a couple Warmachine armies and don't want to ruin a decent paint job with the crappy base scenery I usually come up with...

  5. Really nice army, well done.

  6. Miniatur FTW, looks so much better than normal static grass (unless you have one of those gizmos that makes it stand on end). Thanks for the comments guys!

  7. Wow, there's some work gone into this lot! Really nice collection, thanks for posting!


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