Thursday 17 May 2012

15mm sci-fi multi-bases are go!

My movement trays/sabot bases arrived from warbases yesterday. They were a custom modification of his basic FOW bases and he did them for what I consider a reasonable price, in good time. 

These should pretty much cover my immediate needs although I'm going to need more of the undrilled bases for my vehicles, walkers and larger units. 

Unfortunately he didn't quite cut the medium base with the 2 holes quite right, I wanted them more offset in the manner of the 4 hole medium base but this is no biggie, I'm already over it. 

Here's the finished product after its had the bottom put in (0.5mm steel paper) and has been filled, textured, painted and tufted. So far, due to impending exams, I've only got one of these done. I'll need a proper session to get through them, they take about half-an-hour each or so all told. 
Here's a few pictures with the new bases in action and some of the 15mm miniatures I have lying around. I really think that group based units look better than individuals and I think these pictures bear that out, at least in my opinion. 

The individual figures are mounted on very thin neodymium magnets and they aren't going anywhere. You can throw these around, knock 'em over and shake them upside down and the figures stay put. Worth the extra small expense I think.
My plans for 15mm forces which can be used both for skirmishes and company scale games seem to be finally coming together. Now to find some decent rules and do a LOT more painting!


  1. Great work on those bases. Do you think the warbases ones will take a model mounted on a British 5p? They are 18mm I think. Thanks Robin

    1. Depends what you mean. In the image at the top the bases with the larger holes are for 5ps (which you correctly guessed my larger models are mounted on) and are about 18mm wide. They're also approximately the right depth, give or take, for the warbases. You can't fit more than two of the 18mm bases on a fow medium base, this is not ideal but should work ok, I've taken my lead form FOW which has teams of 2,3.4 or 5 men counting near enough equal, what is important is that they represent a team.

  2. Love them, really really nice work.

    But does Gruntz mandate 5-man squads...?

  3. @Phyllion: Gruntz has a section on playing with FOW style bases. You don't need to put the full squad size on the table, so you can represent a squad with a lower number of models and mark casualties off on the Profile card.


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