Tuesday 1 May 2012

Airbrushing German Armour: Part the Third

I realised I never posted the update on my Airbrushing project continued in this post from a few weeks ago.

As always I ran out of time whilst at home and didn't manage get everything finished. The base-coating took a long-time and I had to wait for a replacement needle to arrive as the old one was bent. I could have done with a finer spray nozzle but had to make do with what I had as there was not one available for my cheapo airbrush. Anyway, here's the result I managed to get when I actually had a go at doing the camo on one of the Panzer IVs:

The colour is wrong, its far too dark, but I was quite happy with the feathered edges I managed to achieve, especially considering it was only my second go at doing this on an actual model. Next time I'll hopefully be able to pick up the right colour and then get these finished off. Finally. 

Before then thought I really need to work out if I want to do a drybrush or highlight on these models before doing the camo. My current thoughts are that I'll do it afterwards for simplicity's sake. 

Anyhoo, back to 15mm sci-fi updates!

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