Sunday 5 August 2012

Scratchbuilt and Painted 15mm Sci-Fi Terrain

I've been in the mood for building terrain lately. I haven't a board or space for one, so its a little pointless, but I do enjoy it. Here's an air defence emplacement I've been working on for a while now. 

The main structure is made from a deodorant bottle lid and the top from a jar of pills (I wish I'd disguised the latter component a little better now on reflection). 
The reinforced door is made from 0.5mm plasticard, as are the support struts along the bottom of the structure.
The gatling gun is from an old tau model and the targeting sensors on the top of the mounting are some 40K part or another. The mounting is made entirely from plasticard and wire and the gun rotates and can change elevation.
I painted the heavy gattling cannon (and the rest of the building and gun mounting) to look pretty worn and beat-up using washes and the 'blister pack' method for chipped paint. 
The bunker slits were a bit of an afterthought - the sides of the building looked quite plain and were in need of some detail, so I obliged with a little plasticard. 
I'm quite pleased with the wear on the gun sensor cowling you can see here. This was done using blister pack foam dipped in paint and smeared in the direction of conceivable wear. 
 The building is mounted on a 2mm MDF base from warbases, the FOW large size.
The various numbers and letterings on the model are from a free set of sticker I got from Hasslefree at Salute. Initially I though they were decals but as stickers they turned out to be just as good with a little dirt added.

I figures that seeing as I'd started making buildings some freestanding modular wall section would come in handy for providing some cover during a firefight. I knocked up a simple prototype using plasticard and had some fun weathering it and adding alien graffiti.
The base was done as concerete rather than my usual desert basing as I thought I might eventually get round to doing an urban board, in which case these pieces could serve double duty.
 I tried to paint the 'No Prawns' sign from District 9 on this bit, sort of worked.
 The two pieces fit nicely together side-by-side.

Here's a few pictures to give you an idea of scale and just for a bit of fun! Looks like those mercs have their work cut out defending that air defence installation...


  1. Nice stuff! That wall section is neat.

  2. Nice stuff Samulus!

    I hear you're popping along to CLWC with Phyllion tomorrow - hope to see you there

    1. Yeah I'm planning to come along and have gander, it'll be nice to meet some of you guys!

  3. Looks great! You can have a great game with a handful of figures in an 18" space if you use dense terrain... Which you are well on your way to having ;)

  4. Great job - I will make sure my blog and YouTube audiences (a total of 43 people!) are told about this.

  5. Wow, impressing and inspiring!


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