Wednesday 7 November 2012

Sorry, I just stepped outside for a while...

and now I'm back, well... not quite.

I'm still around but haven't blogged anything for months; I was writing my dissertation and then started a new job which is extremely demanding (who said public sector workers had it easy!)

I've been doing some hobby related stuff but not nearly as much as I'd like. As ever something shiny caught my eye (this time on the pendraken forum) so I'm currently painting up some 10mm AWI figures for Maurice, so far so good but I'm not making nearly enough progress!

I've also got the itch lately to do some moderns or sci-fi  so I may return to 15mm sci-fi (although I really need to get an airbrush... christmas present to myself perhaps?) soon.

I'll stop blabbing and take some pictures this weekend, its been too long!

PS. I've noticed than even though I havent posted in four months or so I'm still gathering followers that stumble on the blog. Welcome: I'll try and be a better host in future!

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