Sunday 11 November 2012

Valkyrie Class Battlestar

Finally took some pictures! Not the best but they're better than I've managed for the best part of 5 months. First up is a Valkyrie class Battlestar. 
This one is from Ravenstar and is in resin. Frankly I'm really not a fan of Ravenstar's castings and find them to be very rough (even if the original masters were stunning). I had to rebuild the engine nozzles on this as they had come out mishapen and airbubbled. 
The detail on the model is otherwise outstanding and took drybrushing fantastically. I used vallejo Granite for the base and then drybrushed with light grey and light grey mixed with white. The highest points then got a highlight with thinned pure white. The running lights on the hangars etc were done using the 'gem' method. They don't show up much in these pictures but look good in person.
A quick shot WIP shot of Kobol from BSG. I'm planning to do a day side and night side to the planet as I think It'll look a little more realistic/interesting. The planet is from CorSec, sort of money for old rope but just easier than hunting down the right size sphere from a different source. Also don't have to worry about mounting as it comes with a hole and stand. 
The stand is from CorSecs omnisystem and seems to do the job nicely, no chance of that snapping!

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