Wednesday 13 August 2014

Thrilling Adventures: More Pulp figures painted up and ready to throw down.

Without much ado here are some more pics of my painted pulp figures for pulp alley (still haven't gotten round to playing, although close on terrain now). They're done using the Dallimore 3 colour method, which gives good results for the time invested - around 2 hours per figure.

Two's company; five's a crowd. Indy and Miranda get to the dig site only to find Santora waiting for them with hired guns in tow. Let the lead fly. (Artisan and Copplestone). 
Faithful companion to Dr Jones: Sallah. (Artisan Figures). 

Hired help: Akhmed. Whether you need a hired gunand or spade, her's there...for a price. (Artisan Figures).

Sabrina Adler: unscrupulous assistant to Dr Reiter (forthcoming). (Hasslefree). 

Originally I painted this figure up with much lighter green combats. It looked way too washed out with the white top and blonde hair so I repainted them much darker, as above. I rarely go back and change things on figures but I think this solved the problem. 

Miranda Radcliffe: Cairo nightclub singer. Her father, Dr Radcliffe is chief archivist at the museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. (Artisan -  shame the sculptor didn't pay as much attention to the face as he should). 

My first attempt at painting stockings/tights. Getting the flesh to grey mix is tricky. Next time I think a little less flesh for the highlight. 

"Nazis. I hate these guys." Dr Jones and companions come face to face with Adler and her nefarious henchmen. 

If you liked these -  leave me a comment. I really should post more but sometimes its hard to find the time...


  1. Great paint work - very characterful figures.

  2. I love the pulp stuff, very in keeping with the mood. What's the Dallimore method? And, perhaps more importantly, where did you get the Indy mini?

    1. Here's his website - lots of cool mininspiration on there. The best resource is this book by him, I'd really recommend it and its worth the price-tag . His method is also known the '3 colour method', basically it involves building up progressive layers of shade and highlight - some people call it layering. You could probably find a tutorial on you tube but the book has some beautiful pictures and much more besides the 3 colour method. It covers wet blending, advanced use of washes, shades, NMM etc etc.
      The Indy mini is from You'll find lots of great pulp stuff there. If you want a bit more on how I converted mine, then see


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