Tuesday 16 September 2014

More Firefly (pulp alley project)

I finished painting up Zoe over the weekend. I now have the core of the crew in terms of the 'away team' painted up (Mal, Jayne, Zoe) and some opposition - 8 Alliance troopers (I did 3 more at the same time as Zoe) with an Alliance officer well on the way.  This puts me in a good place to play a game once I've finished putting together a bit more of my battlesystems terrain (some of which you can see in the background to the shots).

I've used a Reaper fig. Its not a dead ringer for Zoe but its close enough in my book...
You'll notice that I've 'penned' the edges on my card terrain to help it blend - you can see this nicely on the air duct here. 
The place you don't want to be -  staring down the barrel of Zoe's gun!
The gang together. They scale well - no complaints from me. 
Traditional sepia shot...
Surrounded! but not cowed. 


  1. Looking great Sam. She's a better sculpt than Mal and Jayne

  2. Yeah - the Mal and Jayne are a bit crude. Shame hasslelfree doesn't do more firefly lookalikes apart from River, I think they must be my favourite minis company.

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