Saturday 2 June 2012

Back from my travels...

Me and my girlfriend got home from our lovely holiday in Sorrento yesterday so its back to posting as normal.  There wer a few things of 'hobby' interest from the trip and here are a few snaps.

These are nativity backdrops from Naples and were scaled about right for 54mm miniatures. The work on them was quite impressive and though a little rough I liked the rustic feel of the buildings. Definitely inspiration for future terrain projects.
 Some crusaders in a souvenir shop
Some tiny scenes (the figure were about 10mm in height) with really impressive details. Ridiculously expensive though!

On a not so hobby note here a few photos from the balcony our hotel in Sorrento looking out onto the bay of Naples. Beautiful! (credit goes to my girlfriend who took all of these great pictures).

More hobby stuff, probably 15mm sci-fi, coming up!

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