Tuesday 12 June 2012

Missile tokens for BSG

I haven't really been in a hobby kind of mood these past few weeks. I painted a few figures after getting back from holiday (more repeats of stuff I've already shown on the blog) but haven't felt the urge since. I've been spending most of my free times playing Empire Total War instead, what a time vampire! So I'm afraid the blog has been a bit quiet of late after the May splurge. 

I lieu of any new progress here are a few 3d counters I made for use with my spaceship stuff (mainly BSG) a long time ago. They're pretty basic, cocktail sticks sanded to shape with fins made from thin card and tail plumes from cotton wool. Not the neatest work as I'm sure you can see. 
The different designs as so they can represent different types of missiles at a glance. The smaller missiles represent ant-fighter 'cluster' missiles. These were prototypes so I painted them in lots of different patterns to see which I liked best. I think If I did them again I'd actually wouldn't put any colour on them at all (its very cartoony!) and simply do grey ones for the Colonials and metallic ones for the Cylons. 
As you can see above they're relatively flat and because of the bases 'lip' they can be easily stacked. This is so that multiple missile tokens heading in different directions can occupy a single hex without things getting mixed up. You simply place them on top of each-other. 

I'm gonna take a trip to Dark Sphere this afternoon and pick up some good grey-blue paint for my Colonial Vipers. I have tons of BSG stuff assembled and partially painted and feel like making some more progress with the project. Of all my projects this one is probably the closes to completion, it just never quite got there... 

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