Sunday 3 June 2012

Lookin' good, more bases finished up.

I managed to get some more bases done and painted up for my 15mm forces. These are the same set I did a quick tutorial on how to make. I think the results are worth the effort:
The bases are done with a thin layer of white filler (to raise them to the same height as the figure bases) and layer of fine sand and small stones pva'd on.
I added a few bits and pieces to add some interest to these and make it a bit more interesting for me. Here are some rocks made from some dried splintered wood I had in my basing box:
I wanted to try and add something to these bases to make them look a little 'alien' and found the perfect thing in my basing box. These strange plants are made from dried buddleia stems from the garden and have a nice bumpy texture:
A forgotten gas or poison tank I made from a flamethrower tank, some tau pulse carbine and some guitar wire.
Here are the finished bases with a lick of paint. My gf helped me do these and she quite enjoyed it so I'm giving credit where credit is due! Perhaps I'll be able to rope her in to do more later on...
The rocks came out quite nicely I think in the end. It took quite a while to get them looking as I wanted, mostly thanks to a flesh wash, nuln oil and some drybrushing.
 The rusted up tank complete with gauge.
I went for a fairly striking deep red on the 'alien' plants, inspired by the bloodgrass from Oblivion. I'm not sure how much I like the result; I plan to leave it for a while and repaint it brown if I decide I don't like it.
Finally a few pics of the finished bases in use with a few figure I have painted up. They're pretty much exactly what I was after so I'm fairly chuffed.
Now to get more infantry painted, I have a ton of stuff left to paint, I'm so slow!!!!!


  1. Very inspirational. I had a similar idea but couldn't figure out how to make it a reality. You've done just that, and they look amazing. Great job!

  2. Don't worry about slow - you're making progress and that's what matters

  3. Quality work. Very tempted to see if I can replicate that process.

  4. Excellent finish! Like the plants (the red stands out nicely) and other nubbins - these always make bases more interesting.


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