Saturday 14 January 2012

Review and WIP: Nazi Zombies!

This post is a brief review mixed with a WIP of how my shambling horde is looking so far. 

Whats more evil than a Nazi? a reanimated dead one of course... 

If you haven't seen Dead Sno, then you should. Its a great foreign film and its basically, along with Call of Duty, the inspiration behind this little Weird World War tangent. That and some discussion on the WWPD forum. 

These models are from Rebel Minis; they also do American GI zombies and Russian Strelkovy zombies which look great. However, I didn't have the colours for these and well, they're just not Nazis are they? I picked these up during the Christmas sale with a cool 20% off and worldwide shipping for $5, basically, they were a steal! The models themselves are great; only a little flash and fewer mould lines than say Old Glory. However, the the detail is a little soft on some areas such as the helmets and the faces could be a little crisper. Overall, very good though. 

The set (21 zombies, I bought 2) comes with seven different poses, 1 officer and 3-4 of each of the rest of the poses (see below). 

I couldn't resist the modelling opportunities to be had with zombies and decided I'd try and make each one look like an individual (ironic eh?)

The horde

Here's a few of my personal favourites. 

A crawler. Just some clippers, some green stuff and some bending. 

This guy had a hole drilled right through him and some intestines sculpted. 

Some head injuries. 

'You gotta aim for the head!' ... one zombie down for good. 
I didn't do anything to this guy, he just looks great!

Here's a few pictures grouped by original pose so you can see what I did to try and differentiate them.

I should probably bend a few arms here come to think of it.

As you can see I made liberal use of headswaps, some head repositioning, arm bending, snipping and some drilling to get the results above. There's a few where I could have done more with but nevermind, this took long enough. Painting to come!


  1. Great value at $10.99 for 21 (or cheaper in platoon packs depending on how many you want). 
  2. Good detail - not as good as OG, but pretty damn good. 
  3. No equipment  - they don't have the breadbag, zeltbahn, bayonet etc on their backs. This'll speed up the painting so much!
  4. Good scale  - they line up really well with Old Glory and PSC. Maybe a little on the slim side for BF. 
  5. Very little flash/mould lines. Didn't need much cleaning up.
  6. Great for conversion fun!
  1. Detail can be a little soft on boots, helmets and some of the faces. No biggy. 
  2. Couldn't think of anything else!
If you want some 15mm zombies, buy these! 

I'm working on some rules for these in FOW so I'll probably post those up once I've finished mulling it over. 


  1. Great looking figures, can't wait to see them painted!
    What a great quote, I'll have to try and use it myself one day!
    "What's more evil than a Nazi? a reanimated dead one of course... "

  2. i love your web site. its really cool to find more info on the world 15 mm miniatures. thank you for your "hard work".

  3. Phew, another project? Awesome as Dead Snow was, 15mm Nazi Zombies is pretty niche.

    That Ray gets about a bit - he seems to comment on every blog.

  4. The 15mm zombie are for my German FOW army (providing I can ever get someone to let me use them, there are rules floating around the community)

    He really is quite prolific isn't he?

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