Monday 2 January 2012

Preparing FOW Vehicles for Airbrushing

Just a quick post by way of an update. I've mounted up my various FOW vehicles on wooden stands (just offcuts I found in the shed)  and other odds and ends ready for airbrushing. I've seen as many different ways of doing this as there are modellers on the interent - I simply used a dab of superglue rather than faffing around with magnets or wires. At the end of the painting I'll just work them loose. Here's some pictures of the lot ready to go, along with the airbrush and medium I use.

Some old wooden dice re-purposed.

The whole lot. 

Not the best airbrush in the world but its double action and it works. 
I've had a quick trial run in the shed and the set-up works ok. Its a bit cold here at the moment (5 celsius) and the humidity is high (about 80%) so the paint has dried a little streaky. Tomorrow afternoon will be considerably warmer with much lower humidity (60%) so that should give me a really good opportunity to get the tripartite camo on these finished, with some luck.

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