Thursday, 17 May 2012

Autosentia Mech WIP 2

Here's a quick few snaps of the progress on my 15mm mech conversion. So far I've done the primering,  basecoat, wash, basecoat again, and started the first highlight. I plan to try out the tips and hints I've gotten from the Dwartist on weathering and wear once I've gotten the basic paint job finished. 
 Once the paint is on the tau helmet eyepiece seems to blend right in, which was what I was hoping for.
You can see here that I've so far only highlighted his right leg. Eventually the whole model will be this sort of tone (apart from recesses) and then I'll do an extreme highlight with a little more yellow in it. I haven't got any experience painting vehicles so finger crossed this should work, the details and size of this mech make it more like painting a 28mm figure than a tank tbh.


  1. Thats very cool, seamless conversion.

  2. Really works with the missile mod. I base these on metal washers from B&Q. They have a great range in various sizes which work perfectly for anything slightly bigger than a standard grunt.


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