Friday 27 April 2012

Critical Mass Games 'Blockheads' and Autosentia Support Drones WIP

I've painted up one of Critical Mass Games' 'Blockhead Battlesuit' troopers which I purchased at Salute. These are really nice chunky miniatures and the weapon they're carrying looks like it could put a serious dent in anything up to the size of a small tank.

I've been trying to up my game painting wise over the last few weeks and decided to really go for it with the layering on this figure. I initially tried to paint it the same way as the GZG combat bot i.e. drybrushing and edge highlighting but the nice smooth flat panels just looked rubbish done this way. The layering looks a little patchy and uneven in these pics (which were taken from about 5cm away!) but at half an arms length the effect is really good (imo).

(I was having some problems with the sun whilst taking these pictures so the shadows are all over the place)

I bought two packs of these (12 figures total) and the plan is that they will form a mercenary platoon alongside the smaller GZG bots I also got from the show. They both share a 'chunky' aesthetic and with similar unit markings and colour scheme I think they look quite good alongside each other.

The battle-suits are pretty big. Here's one next to the GZG merc (aka Hellboy :P) who is the best part of 20mm tall. The Battle-suit isn't even standing up straight but is hunkered down. I'm thinking that whatever system I stat these up for I will try and give them a special rule or ability which reflects their tenacity and stubbornness.

Here's a WIP of the squad leader. I've removed the head (and took a chunk of the shoulder, which I've had to repair, with it) and replaced it with the head of an OG German tank crewman. I'd prefer something more alien but don't have anything to hand, perhaps I'll paint it blue or something?

I've also been working on some reinforcements for my Autosentia army, they're a little short on heavy support atm. I have a few more goodies purchased at Salute for them but first up are some conversions from Tau drones which I found at home in my old GW stuff from years and years ago. Here are the results.

I decided to add some eyes to tie them in with the drones I have from GZG. I also think it makes them look a crapload more menacing. The eyes are just chopped up bits of spear shaft (just what I had around) cut to length and glued in place.

I liked the aerials which came with the drones originally but didn't have enough of them and thought they looked 'too tau' so I replaced them with guitar string (12 gauge). These were attacked via heating the wire with a lighter and then just pushing them into the plastic. The fit is nice and snug. I also cut down the pulse carbines to differentiate them a little and because I think I prefer them this way.

This nasty looking beastie will be the platoon command unit (I have 3 of the standard 'gun' drones). He's made from a Tau shield drone with the modifications outlined above plus tentacles. He was influenced by the droids from star wars (episode V) and the Matrix as well as the 'Man o war' in China Mieville's Iron Council (great book btw).

The tentacles are 32 gauge guitar strings, bent to shape, with plasticard blades attached. They are attacked with superglue and slot into pre-drilled holes. However, they're still mighty fragile.

Well, I'm off to go and paint up some more of the blockheads!


  1. Nice paintjob and great looking drone!

  2. I like the heavy suit very much. Fantastic figuere, youre right he weapon looks like it can put a hole in things!

  3. Love the CMG battlesuits, and the Tau drone with the guitar string attachments is inspired! Now I know what to do with the left overs next time I re-string my guitar!

  4. This is all really great stuff, love the tentacles on that drone.

  5. Great work on the CMG Blockhead - I like how he goes with the earlier GZG droids. And the Tau drone conversion with the tentacles is amazing


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