Tuesday 24 April 2012

GZG Alien Merc and Combat Bot painted up

I've painted up a couple of the sample figs I got from the GZG stand at Salute. Thought I'd push the boat out a little and try some more involved layering and highlighting than usual. Not too sure about the result, they look a little cartoony and could do with being a shade darker. However, I think on the table they could look good as bright colours and high-contrasts work well at distance. Unfortunately the vallejo 'Matt' varnish I have is actually a little satin so there's some very unwelcome shine surviving. 

I realise that these figures are 'not orks' but personally I've never really been a fan of orcs with green skin. I decided to go a different direction with this fig and do the skin a vibrant red for something a bit different. I'm not entirely sure the green on the armour works but it'll do for the moment. I also need to make the chipping look more convincing, perhaps I'll outline it in dark grey or black? Could do with some dust on the boots as well, might save this for when I have some pigments.

I'm quite happy with how the skin turned out. The muscle sculpting on these figs is good and makes painting them a breeze. I think I'll hold off painting any more green until I can get a better highlight than  just adding bleached bone, it washes out the color.

This is another of the samples from GZG and is a mech from his 6mm line repurposed as a 15mm combat bot. It measures in at 14mm and looks a little short compared to some of my other 15s. However,  it'll do, after all, a smaller robot is harder to hit!
The eye has had the paint knocked off, didn't realise this until photographing.
I'm planning to mix these with CMG's 'Blockhead Battlesuits' (purchased at Salute) as a mixed mercenary platoon. The idea is that the power armoured Blockheads contain human mercenaries whilst the bots provide extra firepower and a disposable element for completing those missions where a mercenary might not walk away (and not get their fee either). 

The markings were fairly arbitrary and made judicious use of a very, very fine brush. I think they add a little bit of interest to what otherwise looked like an incomplete mini. I will probably repeat them on the Blockheads as well with minor variations to tie them together. 
As ever these photos are very 'warts and all', I didn't realise half the mistakes I'd made until I took these photos. With the quality of the sculpts around its easy to forget how tiny these guys really are!

I think I've just about got the hang of my gf's camera and the lightbox now and can produce decent photos, hope you're enjoying them! Its been a bit of a learning curve.

I've currently got a Crusty, a Tomorrows War soldier, a UNSC, a blockhead and two of the firefly cast on the painting table, as well as numerous Salute purchases to assemble once my glue arrives. Stay tuned for more updates soon.


  1. Hmmmm, all that merc needs is a huge cigar - very Hellboy-esque :)

    1. I've never seen Hellboy but a quick google does reveal quite a similarity! Maybe a cigar will make an appearance in the near future!?

      I'm considering going 'ethnic' with my mercs so they probably won't all be red, there'll be some blue and brown ones as well.

    2. Heh, the first thing I thought was Hellboy also. Colors look sharp!

  2. Hi Samulus. I really like the GZG alien merc. I have some of these, but like you I don't favour 'ork' green. I was thinking about a sallow flesh colour, but am undecided. Still, your paint job looks great!

    1. I might try something similar, this Hellboy dude is cramping my style...

  3. Liking Hellboy too! You need more pop culture if you missed that one :-p

    Can't paint my 15mm samples as it's too bloody rainy to undercoat them.

    So yo don't recommend Vallejo varnish then? You using spray or bottle stuff?

  4. Yeah, I think I classed it under 'superhero; movie i.e. little or no interest in it and never watched it. Any good?

    Hasn't rained the past few days, get on it!

    I wouldn't recommend their varnish no, the stuff I used was in a bottle, maybe their spray is better?


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