Sunday 8 April 2012

Finished Command Drones (GZG) and Recon Trooper test mini (CMG)

Painting activity has been very constrained lately due to essay death, I'm writing an MA paper on 'Leaderless Resistance' and its hard going. Managed to to get 3 of the Autosentia Command Drones (from GZG) painted up and based (this time on 2012 5p pieces, see this post for details of my catastrophic magnetism miscalculation) and a test mini from my recent CMG purchases. 

Here are the Command drones. Essentially they are taking the place of platoon leaders in my Autosentia army and provide some initiative and mid-range networking power for the otherwise unimaginative battledroid teams. 

Do you feel watched yet?
A group shot for an idea of scale and how they'll fit in. 
Here's the test mini for my force made from CMG's ARC fleet Recon Troopers. I've had a think and inline with my previous post on storytelling/background I've decided to call them The Arbiters. More detailed background will follow in a later post when I have time to write it up. Essentially they are a force originally founded to maintain order amongst the multitude of human factions which emerged following the colonization of the stars and the costly conflict which ensured. However, since this point they have walked the line between oppression and protection.

However, whilst many question their legitimacy, heavy handed tactics and xenophobic outlook the Arbiters do offer humanity's main hope in resisting the Autosentia crusade and the horrific genocide which would result. 

'High five! ... erhhh, maybe not then.'

I'm interested to hear what you think of the colour-scheme. I really didn't want to paint any more yellow or brown, even thought my basing scheme is arid/desert in style, so went with two colours I like painting, red and grey. This doesn't make any sense camouflage wise but I think it looks pretty cool and offers a nice contrast to the Autosentia; stops the eye getting bored. 


  1. I love the red and grey, great looking minis all 'round.

  2. Liking the red and grey too. I'm sure the lack of camo can be explained away by there being no need due to the availability of high-tech therm-optic camouflage suits. Or some such.

    I would suggest changing the visor though, I think it is a bit close to the red lenses so which are so prevalent on your Autosentia. Perhaps a dark blue or green instead? A third colour could be good to add contrast - you could also do unit markings in it.


  3. I'm glad you mentioned that, I thought a green would look really good too but I don't have a bright one, I think I'll order one and see how it looks. The next one of these I paint I'll try a light blue as well.


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