Sunday 15 April 2012

Quick Update

I've got some spare time now so I hope to get a reasonably large amount of painting done over the next week by way of relaxing. I'm at home so that means I have access to the airbrush and compressor so I'm forging on with the 15m German Armour I started work on about 4 months ago. Also I brought a ton of 15mm sci-fi and the last half of a Panzergrenadier platoon I need to finish before I have a legal FOW army. 

I decided that after all the hassle I'd had last time with mixing paint and getting the consistency right I'd just go the easy root, so I ordered the three colours I thought I needed from the vallejo model air line. Unfortunately the colours weren't quite what I though they'd be. The Middlestone looks bang on and now I prefer it to the lighter green ochre I was using before but the 'Tank Brown' looks a little dark whilst the 'tank green' could do with being a shade lighter. I think I'll probably just forge on and use these colours and see what result I get. I'm nearing the stage where I just want to get something on the table with FOW. 
I need to research 'pin washing' as it seems to be all the rage and see If I can/want to use it on my vehicles, so any ideas from you guys would be great. 

Also, inevitably, once I got home I was distracted by the BSG ships I have sitting around at home unloved. The fighters aren't painted, but are assembled and primed and the temptation is too great. I've had to paint a few up, just to see what they'll look like when finished. Its a shame I can't take some of these back to London but they really are very fragile indeed. I think I need to magnetise them before they'll survive. Considering I have a sizeable collection of both Colonial and Cylon ships assembled and primed it seems like I'm wasting an opportunity. Also, the blog does say space ships in the description line and there have been precious few of those!

Pictures will follow when I actually have something finished!

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